Affordable OTC Medicines & Knee Braces

Put your health first with the products and services RX Express Pharmacy and Surgical of East Northport. We carry OTC medicines, prescription drugs, and knee braces for our customers in Huntington, New York.

Your Prescriptions

No matter what kind of medication you are taking, you can find them here. We provide prescription filling while you wait. We offer full counseling and will answer all questions. Our pharmaceutical services and products include:

 • Vitamins, Herbs and Homeopathic
 • Compounding
 • Over the Counter Medications (Special Orders)
 • Twice a Day Delivery of Prescription Medications from Our Wholesalers
 • (MTM) Medication Therapy Management (Outcomes/Mirixa Paid Services)

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Insurance Options
When you need a prescription filled, your medication shouldn't be overpriced. We do our best to work with all insurance companies. Bring in your prescription today and we will personally speak with your insurance company to take care of your needs.
Surgical Supplies
Whether you need help moving around or you need to stock up on first aid products, you'll find the right item in our selection. We have the knowledge to advise you on the proper supplies for your needs. Visit us for any of the following:

 • First Aid
 • Bandages
 • Wraps
 • Gauze
 • Tape
 • Wheelchair & Walker Rentals
• Mobility Aids (Wheelchairs, Walkers, & Canes)
• Breast Pump Rentals & Sales
• Finger Splints
• Seat Cushions
• Bed Cushions
• Mattress Pads
• Knee Braces
• Wrist Braces
• Ankle Braces
• Support Stockings
• Surgical Stockings
• Special Orders

Contact our pharmacy to save on your OTC medicines and knee braces.